Se Apple fa un dumbphone: iDot

Se Apple fa un dumbphone: iDot

An interesting concept is posted by Curved/Labs, about Apple feature phone called iDot. They show iDot with the same new remote for Apple TV in a video. They even compared their concept with the kickstarter feature project, Punkt, in terms of size. If you see the keypad button on it, you will realize that iDot doesn’t have a navigation button, which forces it to have a touch screen. The keypad is also designed to look like a Siri button on new  remote, not protrude.

“With an existing bluetooth-connection the “cellie” is able to receive selected notifications from apps – similar to the Apple Watch. Without the connection the mobile communication is reduced to the basics: the call,” they wrote.

They also wrote the iDot specification:

– XNUMX mm thin
– available in Spacegray, Rosegold and Silver
– internal storage: for what?
– battery lasts for five days, charging via Lightning
– weighs under XNUMX gram
– no camera
– no internet-connection
– no apps
– no distraction

Here it is the video.

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